What's on offer? 

The Independent Energy offer


Independent Energy provides customers with energy management services. The initial offering for customers is a free pricing comparison. We have a commitment to our clients to ensure they are always on the lowest energy rates available, to maximise possible savings.

How do we start?

All our relationships start by assessing the current state of your energy accounts and identifying opportunities to reduce cost through better purchasing. The process is as follows:

  1. You provide us with a copy of your current energy account(s) and where necessary your signed permission to access your account information.

  2. Our analysis team take your energy load to market, seeking offers from all available suppliers. We manage over $100 million in energy so have significant leverage to obtain best market prices.

  3. We will present our findings through a written proposal. Should you wish to proceed and realise the savings we have identified we will ask you to sign an agreement with us to manage your account on your behalf. You will always be billed by and pay your energy retailer directly.

  4. If you accept our proposal we charge a management fee of approximately 5% of your revised annual energy spend. The fee is payable based on the annual savings being achieved on behalf of you the customer.

NB: This fee is taken into account in our savings calculations when we present you with a pricing proposal and is clearly identified and stated.

We offer a money back guarantee on our savings projections.

What happens after you sign?

Once we have received your signed proposal we will then manage all changes from your existing energy retailers to the new providers on your behalf. We will keep you updated as each step is completed and your energy supply will not be affected.

From then on, each and every month, we receive your bill and check to make sure you are being charged correctly. We will resolve any issues with the retailer and then email the account to you for payment.

Following on from ensuring the best price, IE also provides advice across the spectrum of energy procurement and consumption. This is advice is delivered through our network of Local Advisors and is backed by our Industry Experts and our admin centre in Palmerston North.