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Independent Energy


Whatever energy sources power your business, Independent Energy can help you ensure that you're getting maximum efficiency and performance for your spend.
Utilising our industry expertise and knowledge, we determine whether you're with the right energy provider, on the right contract, for the energy demands unique to your business.



From pre-school to tertiary education, we manange the power for hundreds of education sites across New Zealand. With our advice and support, our education clients save millions each year in energy costs. These savings allow these organisations to achieve more as they educate the future leaders of our country.



We work with the manufacturers of New Zealand to reduce their energy costs and improve their productivity. With machine monitoring we can provide our manufacturing clients with advance notice of potential unscheduled outages. This reduces downtime and makes our manufacturers more competitive globally.



Rural New Zealand is part of our DNA. We provide energy advice to the dairy, sheep and beef, horticulture and viticulture sectors. 

The rural market has unique energy requirements and constraints which require a custom approach to maximise efficiencies. Our network of Local Advisors, backed by our Industry Experts are equipped  to provide this advice to the backbone of the New Zealand economy.